Father Rookstone

The group's moral center, the dwarf named Rookstone may be one of the last of his clan.


Str 18 Int 06 Wis 18 Dex 10 Con 20 Cha 18

Lawful Good AC 22

HP 65

B.A.B +4

Fort: +10 (+11) Will: +9 (+10) Reflex: +2 (+3)


Born and raised in Droaga, Rookstone was very young (for a dwarf)acolyte when the Harrowing took place.Indeed, most of his time was spent in the city proper, and he seldom visited the dwarven stronghold in Iron-Shield Mountains.

A devout priest of Moradin,and now returned to life, the Dream-Dwarf sees himself as chosen by his god to represent Dwarven-kind in a perilous time. Indeed, he feels the group doesn’t always move quickly enough in their pursuit of the Infernals.

Father Rookstone

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